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Husband: Georg Adam Struve
Birth:                    17 Sep 1619 Magdeburg
Marriage:                  6 Nov 1648 Anna Maria Richter
Marriage:                 31 Aug 1663 Susanne Berlich
Death:                    15 Dec 1692 Jena
Burial:                   27 Dec 1692

Father: Berthold Struve Mother: Anna Margarethe Brunner
Other Wives: Anna Maria Richter
Wife: Susanne Berlich
Birth:                       abt 1646 Jena
Marriage:                 31 Aug 1663 Georg Adam Struve
Death:                    22 Jan 1699 Jena

Father: Burkhard Berlich Mother: Barbara Hilliger
M  Georg Gottlob Struve
Birth:                    22 Sep 1667 Jena
Burial:                    7 Jul 1695 Jena

F  Dorothea Susanne Struve
Birth:                           1669 Weimar
Marriage:                 13 Sep 1686 Friedrich August Wernicke

M  Burkard Gotthelf Struve
Birth:                    26 May 1671 Weimar
Marriage:                  6 Nov 1702 Anna Elisabeth Bertram
Marriage:                 20 Jan 1707 Regina Elisabeth Ständer
Marriage:                 15 Jul 1723 Sophia Maria Hansen verw. Kottner
Death:                    28 May 1738 Jena
                                      , beigesetzt in der Kollegienkirche

F  Margaretha Barbara Struve
Birth:                           1672 Weimar
Marriage:                 10 Feb 1691 Heinrich Ernst Flörke
Death:                    18 Jan 1703 Jena

M  Friedrich Gottlieb Struve
Birth:                    10 Nov 1676 Jena
Marriage:                 12 May 1707 Catharina Sophia Zülich
Marriage:                  6 Nov 1709 Dorothee Johanne Werner II
Death:                    22 Jul 1752 Kiel

M  Ernst Gothold Struve
Birth:                    13 Mar 1679 Jena
Marriage:                        1704 Dorothea Elisabeth Berchelmann
Death:                    10 Jan 1759 Prenzlau
Burial:                   14 Jan 1759


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